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Attendees of the Huge TravBuddy Meetup in Kuala Lumpur

View Nolan's Eleven Heaven meetups & Meet my TravBuddy friends - Rhea (rheagirl) & Meet my TravBuddy friends - Cathy (cookiecandy22) & Sri Lanka TravBuddy trip November 2014 on NT01's travel map.

Listed according to country of origin (TravBuddy usernames indicated in parenthesis and italics):

Philippines:Nolan (nolan), Rhea (rheagirl), Anne (super_otap),Eunice (yzzinecinue), Laiza (laichee), Rolan (rolanzachary)

Japan: Masayo (masayo)

Thailand: Jantima (travchef), Neua (neuapanchareon)

Indonesia: Maya (mmeymey)

Canada: Hali (halilee)

Russia: Anna (Avaria)

Australia: Brian (besandri)

United Kingdom: Jon (northlight), Darren (DAZMAN50)

Poland: Greg (greg1976) , Adrian (adrianpalczewski)

U.S.A.: Kanak (kanaknaidu), Walter (WalterC), Jamal (Jamal1280), Devi and Hima

Singapore: Hady (hady), Marie (mynthe), Mira (mnmira)

Host country Malaysia:Soon Thiam (soonthiam), Yanti (Aurora78), Vanessa (Vanessa_Mun_Yee), Hayley (hayley_phoon), Nisa (lisa_hn), Haiza (yayai), Cathy (catlim73), Roslan (Stupidguy), Karina (KarinaKalinka), Gwen (jesa145), Nathan (nathanshivaliew), Hassan (Chase2589), Lindy (lindyD), Syed (Mueezy), meimei (meimei2010), Joanna (Jopin)

If I missed anyone, please let me know. I met almost everyone except those who showed up only on Friday: Hassan, Nathan and Lindy

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Back to Kuala Lumpur after more than 20 years!

View Nolan's Eleven Heaven meetups & Meet my TravBuddy friends - Rhea (rheagirl) & The Huge Kuala Lumpur Meetup, November 2014 & Meet my TravBuddy friends - Cathy (cookiecandy22) on NT01's travel map.

large_1840343_14174009512722.jpgJust landed in KLIA. Since we are at the end of the plane, we decided to let the others out first and take a group selfie.The last time I was in Kuala Lumpur [Kuala-Lumpur-travel-guide-1096867] was for work in 2001 - yes, more than 13 years ago! Well I consider it 20 years since we stayed in Putrajaya [Putrajaya-travel-guide-1311214] back in 2001 and just made a quick drive through and stop in Kuala Lumpur for one evening. (So technically the last time I stayed in KL was back in 1992). The big infrastructure projects that were initiated by then Prime Minister Mahathir Mohammed like the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) and Petronas Towers, not to mention the new capital of Putrajaya and so on, made visiting Kuala Lumpur a photo op for posing with the tallest buildings in the world (Petronas).large_1840343_14174009519830.jpg It was really modernization at full steam.

Returning in 2014 had a few more interesting additions - there was now a fast express train between KLIA and downtown KL (KLIA Expres), more light rail stations, and even monorail stations. Yet the charm of KL still seemed to have never left, except that there were now more buildings all over. KL Sentral was a new meeting place (prior it was just a stop before the old KL train station), and there were malls all over. Truly there was a big transformation in those two decades.

Getting off the plane and into immigration took a good 15-20 minutes walk in KLIA 2 (now there was a second large terminal, just for LCCs like AirAsia), so definitely one shouldn't underestimate the walking time and transfers if in case of connecting flights. And finding the right transport was easy - the KLIA Express was the de facto means but there were also express buses which were cheaper.large_1840343_14174009486922.jpg Of course, the taxis, who way back in 2001 were so scarce that it was more of a shared taxi.

While I didn't stay in any fancy hotel (see the attached review of KL Sentral Hotel), the convenience of being able to go from one place to another was a big plus. Considering the meetup had over 40 people confirmed and expected to come. As soon as we arrived at the airport, Jon had announced to the group that we were there (since we were the last to arrive, and the others were there the night before). Jon met us at the train station and walked us AROUND the shopping mall, past his hotel before we went to the elevator and overpass to get to the other side of the street where our hotel was. On the way down the escalator we bumped into Masayo, which was a pleasant surprise ... as I was expecting to see her at the hotel.large_1840343_14174009483904.jpgJon, Nolan, Masayo and AnneIn any case, we didn't miss out quickly on taking a quick group photo.

Once we got settled into our room, we messaged the others who were also staying at Hotel Sentral - including Maya (mmeymey), and Eunice (yzzinecinue) who had arrived early in the wee hours of Saturday morning. We also found out from Masayo that Adrian (adrianpalczewski) had also checked into the same hotel, although he had to move rooms. So then we agreed to meet walk over to the meeting area (of all places, McDonald's at KL Sentral) where Yanti, Hali, Kanak, Hima, Devi, Walter, Brian and the rest were to gather to buy tickets to Batu Caves [Batu-Caves-travel-guide-1348409]. For some reason we ended up waiting for each other, and that allowed us an opportunity to get a bite as we were famished.large_1840343_14174009603797.jpgNolan, Rhea, Anne, Roslan and WalterEventually we all got together and Yanti purchased the tickets for our trip.

There were a lot of us on the train, in fact, we occupied a whole car and there was this young Malaysian guy who was quietly listening to his music on his MP3 player - he wasn't spared as well as he ended up taking a handful of photos for us. While in the train, we laughed, joked about the warning signs on the train, and kept on taking group selfies with Rolan's GoPro and selfie stick (which Hima so coveted since their Bali meetup in April 2014). Upon arriving at Batu Caves, we were met by Roslan and I called Haiza to let her know we were already there (FYI Haiza lives near Batu Caves but had never visited it until today). In the end, there were a lot of us who attempted climbing the few hundred steps to the caves, some turned back because of the heat (and ended up enjoying cool refreshments while we got drizzled on), and eventually we all got together at the restaurant.large_1840343_14174009633907.jpgwaiting in line at Pelita's Nolan, Vanessa, Anne, Rhea, Jantima, Masayo and HayleyAfter parting with some who had to go ahead (like Soon Thiam, Walter, etc.), we decided to eat at Pelita's which was the meeting point for the night.

Along the way Yanti was able to recuit Neua (neuapanchareon) into TravBuddy, and he joined us from the train station all the way till Pelita's.

While at Pelita's the group decided to split into two, as those who were there the night before didn't want another round of Nasi Kandar. So about a dozen of them (Jon, Hali, Kanak, Darren, etc.) went over to Malone's for dinner before planning to go to Skybar at Traders' Hotel. The others (including myself) decided to stay over at Pelita's for dinner. And just as we were about to walk over to Sky Bar, it started raining. Not just rain, but rain really hard - as a result, the dozen Malone's people were stuck over at their place - good thing we were able to reach Traders Hotel and were not drenched as much.large_1840343_14174009626605.jpgPelita'sIn the end, we checked out a few tables at the far end of the place, but when Jon and the others couldn't make it, we decided to ask that we use his reservation for one table. There were close to 20 of us in Sky Bar, and we eventually waited out the rain until it was time to move on to Healey Mac.

At Healy Mac we met even more folks including Jamal, Gwen, Joanna, and the others who followed (Mira, Syed, Laiza, etc.). The ones who were tired did not continue anymore, as some of us had to start early in the morning for our trip to Colombo, Sri Lanka. And these people couldn't party enough! Way past 1AM Kanak was rounding up people to go to the Bangsar area for dancing - we tried to follow them (thanks to Soon Thiam who drove us around), but in the end, decided that it was too much of the crowd and rain so we (including Maya) just dropped off Laiza at her place and then Soon Thiam brought us back to Hotel Sentral.large_1840343_14174009688672.jpgmore elevator selfies - from left to right: Nolan, Neua, Yanti, Haiza, Jantima, Hayley, Anna, Rhea, Nisa, Cathy, Anne and Masayo

What a long day, and it even went into the wee hours of the morning for the people at Best Western, who partied until they ran out of liquor :P


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